Cytronics Corporation Inc.

Cytronics Corporation Inc.

The strategic partner Cytronics Corporation allows Pecunia Solutions to provide the best payroll service market in Canada. The combination of solutions and services offered by Pecunia Solutions and Cytronics Corporation meets the needs of the most complex enterprises.




Cytronics Corporation was founded in 1969 by Sydney Cohen, a McGill electrical engineer graduate, and former systems engineer for IBM. Syd's vision was to develop low cost computerized accounting services to small and medium sized businesses. In the seventies, Cytronic's predominant competition was chartered banks and therefore it was imperative Cytronics develop a product that was superior in quality and service in order to make its way into the market. With their knowledge and expertise, client education and training, Cytronics developed innovative and customized products and services that enabled them to enter the market and prosper. Today, Cytronics Corporation is the only service provider in Quebec that offers a fully interactive real-time (Live) Payroll application with customization.

Cytronics major achievement during the early years, was the development of a Payroll application that allowed its users, for the first time, maximum control over its services and therefore results. The clients were given 24 hour access to their files, enabling them to create and maintain their base of employees interactively, to post data, print reports, and to make adjustments, thereby eliminating any potential errors. In addition, customized displays and functions were implemented without impacting on other users.

More than 40 years since its founding, Cytronics continues to be at the forefront in developing advancements in the industry. Cytronics latest product, Maxi-Pay is a Windows/Web/Legacy hybrid system that enables the user to use and control the service themselves. This system was first geared towards the needs of small businesses and has become so successful that Cytronics now offers this system to larger companies as well.

Sydney Cohen, founder and CEO, believes Cytronics' success is due to its ability to develop innovative systems according to each client's specific and unique needs. "We deliver a high quality service and product that is customized, adaptable, efficient and error free".


"Tell us your requirements and we will build it into the system". Sydney Cohen founded Cytronics over 40 years ago. His vision has always been to go that extra step in developing a customized interface program specifically adapted to his clients needs. Cytronics pioneered the innovative "on- line real-time" system, called Maxi-Pay that confirms 100% accuracy of the data inputted. According to Sydney, Cytronics will continue to be at the forefront in its industry in developing systems that contribute to their clients' companies' success. What's in the future? Cytronics promises to "rock some boats" with its new Group Insurance model which is now launched!