Pecunia Group Insurance Manager

Pecunia Group Insurance Manager was designed to allow the management of group insurance with a friendly approach, easy to use and fully integrated with related systems such as payroll and accounting. Product design was done taking into account the needs of insurance brokers and group clients.


For the broker :

  • Visualization and management of the portfolio of contracts under his responsibility.
  • Monitoring billing.
  • Creation of different scenarios to analyze the costs and
  • Availability of a laboratory mode to analyze the effects of a change in protection (ex : individual versus family) and to inform the concerned person.
  • Production of annual reports on taxable benefits for the employee.

For the customer :

  • View and complete understanding of the insurance group that is offered to all employees.
  • Complete autonomy to produce reports on annual tax benefit per employee.
  • Complete autonomy to analyse the effects of a change in protection (eg. Individual versus family) and inform employee concerned.
  • Understanding of the monthly billing.
  • Support tools answering questions from employees.

Pecunia Group Insurance Manager with the payroll system :
  • Premiums calculated based on the real income of the employee.
  • Seamless integration between payroll system and insurance group manager.
  • Payroll system reflecting the premium on the pay stubs.
  • Calculation of premiums synchronized with the payroll system and the billing cycle coming from the insurer.

Management of benefits :

  • Definition of employee/employer premium portion.
  • Definition of premium allowing sequence (tax wise).
  • Definition of levels of coverage by age and percentage.
  • Management of supplementary/optional coverage.
Fee Schedule management :
  • Definition of type of coverage.
  • Definition of type of rate (fixed or unit).
  • Setting rates by type of coverage.
  • Assignment of the applicable tax in effect.
  • Rate schedule management by age, gender, smoker or non-smoker.
  • Complete management of premiums.
  • Complete management of taxable benefits by province.

Employee Management :
  • List of employees covered under the group plan.
  • List of employees related to the payroll system.
  • Addition of employee to the group coverage.
  • Update to the employee's file.
  • Employee termination.
  • Definition of wages, hourly rate, hours worked, additional earnings (commission, etc. ) and calculation of annual income.
  • Assigning of benefits.
  • Assigning the type of coverage.
  • Calculation of monthly premiums.
  • Calculation of premiums per pay period.
  • Calculation of monthly taxable benefits.
  • Calculation of taxable benefits per pay period.
  • Premiums and taxable benefits data export to payroll.

Reporting :
  • Detailed information for monthly period by employees.
  • Detailed information for each pay period by employees.
  • Summary of insurance deductions for employees.
  • Detailed information for monthly period by employees and by division.
  • Detailed information by pay period by employees and by division.